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The overwhelming majority of churches in the world are led by pastors without the training or resources to shepherd God’s people. We exist for these 85%.


Spreading the gospel is crucial work, but without nourishment, believers don’t thrive — and, worse, without a proper understanding of God’s Word, false teaching can lead believers astray.

Unscrupulous pastors are fleecing already impoverished flocks, as the prosperity gospel runs rampant. New believers are taught that the leaders who perform signs and wonders are to be followed and not questioned. Without solid discipleship and training in the church, Christians are easily deceived by false teaching. We stand for the 85% and are asking you to stand with us.


Training brings light.

When leaders are empowered to proclaim the truth of the Bible, lives are changed. Through the generous contributions of faithful partners, TLI provides training all around the world.


And the light is spreading.

For every pastor we train, the lives of Christians and people in the communities around the world are touched. And the impact spreads from there.

Since its founding, Training Leaders Int’l has:


Trained over one thousand leaders



Planted 3 schools across the globe



Led over 200 short-term ministry trips



Translated curriculum into 15 languages



Developed 28 training sites in 22 countries



50 staff & global partners serving with TLI Canada & US


Please, consider investing into the leaders of churches around the world. Help to stabilize and transform local congregations. Invest in the 85% by giving:

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