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Who We Are

Training Leaders International trains pastors and leaders around the world, partnering with local leaders who have invited us to provide the theological training pastors and leaders desperately need. We meet this need through modular training, teaching in formal schools, planting schools and leading international churches.


Our staff serve in a variety of roles to provide theological training around the world. We have chosen not to list staff and global partners due to the sensitive nature of our work. To request that one of our staff members come speak at your event or at your church, please contact us.


Matthew Rowley, President

Matthew Rowley is President of TLI Canada. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Theology from Living Faith Bible College, an MDiv from Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, and a PhD from McMaster Divinity College. 

Board Of Directors

Our board members value theological education, wish to mentor the next generation of leaders and hope to see thoughtful engagement cross-culturally. The voting board meets twice a year and are actively involved in helping the President implement the vision of Training Leaders International.

Board Members

Nathan Parlee

Grand Prairie College

Brian Massie

Centerline Ventures Ltd.

Andrew Thompson

Inn Hotels

Tyler Graftaas

Crescent Heights Baptist Church

Brad Wester

Dennis Traverse

Clearwater College