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EU Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in being sent by Training Leaders International. We are eager to see whom the Lord calls to help provide theological education to the nations.

This is a preliminary application for EU Staff Applicants. Filling out this application is the first step in the process of being appointed to serve with TLI. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or email. May God give you wisdom to discern His vocational calling on your life!

You can save this form online as a draft and log back in at a later time to complete it before final submission. You can also print or save this form as a PDF file for offline reference, and then return later to complete the online version.

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What position are you applying for?

Personal Information

Full Legal Name

Preferred Name:
Date of Birth:*Place of Birth (City, Country):*Country of Citizenship:*
Home Phone:Mobile Phone:*
Email Address:*Confirm Email Address:*
Address Line 1:*Address Line 2:
City:*Country:*Postal Code:*
Permanent Address (if different - street, city, state, zip):
Marital Status:*
Years Married:*
Spouse and Children (names and ages):
Describe your current/previous post-high school academic history. Please list all institutions attended including college, university, seminary, and professional training. Include dates, institution, major/minor and degrees earned. If this information appears on the CV you have sent to TLI, please write "See CV.":*

Church Information

Name of present church membership or attendance:*Specific denominational affiliation of church:*
Name of pastor:*Phone number of pastor:
Church Address Line 1:Church Address Line 2:
City:State/Province:Postal Code:
Your relationship to this church:*
Attending since (MM/YYYY):*
If not a member, why not?
If you have been attending for less than a year, which church did you attend prior:
Are you ordained? If so, please tell us where and when and by whom.:

Conversion, Doctrine and Call to Ministry

Describe your conversion:*
To what kind of ministry do you believe God is calling you?*
Describe your past and current ministry experiences (both volunteer and, if applicable, paid). If this is described fully on your CV, please write "See CV.":*
Please list five books, outside of the Bible, that have been formative in your personal life and ministry--and why.:
Please describe your cross-cultural teaching experiences (both volunteer and paid):
Which languages do you speak? At what fluency level?
How comfortable are you working within a team where English is the common work language?
Why are you interested in working with Training Leaders International?*
Have you ever made application or are currently applying to serve with another mission organization? If yes, please explain.:*
How do you feel about fundraising?*
Are you in debt? If so, is it significant enough amount for concern at this time?*
Are there any doctrines of historical orthodox Christianity that you have reservations about?*
Have you carefully read The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement? At this point in your theological journey, can you say you wholeheartedly embrace this statement? If you have questions or disagreements, please mention them briefly.:*