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STM Interview Evaluation

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Is it evident that he loves the people he labors with and teaches? We don't want professional pastors. We want men who are sound in doctrine AND godly character, who love Christ and people deeply.

1) Briefly tell us how you shepherd, love, and lead your family?
2) How would you describe the people you shepherd, and the elders and pastors you work with, etc?
(Does he speak highly of them, criticize them, is there evidence of love for them? Are there conflicts?):
Notes on how he describes his church, flock, elders, etc:
3) How is your theology worked out in your life? How does it impact your marriage, work, entertainment, ministry, etc?
4) Tell us about your prayer life?
Additional comments on prayer:
5) Can you give us a recent example where you demonstrated a teachable attitude?
Additional comments on character:


Is he reformed? Can he use the scripture to defend his doctrine? Can he express the implications of his theology?

1) Please explain the gospel in 1 minute?
(Could he give a clear, biblical summary of the gospel in 1 minute? Did he note God as Creator, holy, the rebellion of man, wrath of God, Christ being the perfect and only Savior, Christ as substitute who bore the complete wrath of God, faith and repentance?):
Additional notes on explaining the gospel in 1 minute:
2) Which people and/or books have influenced your theology and ministry?
3) What is your understanding of God's sovereignty in salvation?
(Does he affirm God's complete election in salvation and is there an emphasis on faith and the work of the Spirit?):
If you selected "Other," please explain.:
Additional notes on reformed theology:
4) How do the Old and New Testament work together?
Additional comments on theology:

Teaching / Ministry

Is he able to teach biblically, clearly, with the aim of bringing glory to Christ? Does he aim to shepherd people through teaching/preaching?

1) If someone watched you disciple someone, what would they learn how to do? (Check ALL that apply.):
Additional note on how he disciples:
2) How do you prepare a sermon or lesson?
3) What is expositional preaching? Is it important?
(Make sure they can articulate why it is important.):

4) Do you understand TLI's method of training? Have you utilized dialogue in your teaching?
List some of his examples.:

Additional comments on teaching and ministry:

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

1) Do you have any cross-cultural experience? What did you learn about yourself and the people you served?
2) Explain one or two cross-culture scenarios to him and ask how he would handle or respond to them. How did he respond?
(Would he ask questions of the student, national partner, or trip leader before answering? Would he handle the situation on his own without finding out more information first? Does he understand the damage he can do to peoples lives or TLI's work if he doesn't talk with people first?):
Additional comments on cross-culture experience:

What questions do you have for us?

Covid Requirement

Are you willing to be vaccinated for Covid-19 before traveling with us?

Policy: TLI staff and volunteers will adhere to the requirements of entry for all countries they serve. We will also honor the requests of national partners if they ask us to only send vaccinated/boosted individuals.:*

Final Question

Please be sure to ask this question with soberness, gentleness, and looking at them face-to-face.

"Is there sin or weakness in your life right now that should prevent you from going with us to serve overseas?":
If you selected "Other," please explain.:
Select ALL that apply as you observed him during the interview:
If you selected "Other," please explain.:


The mission of TLI is to train and equip pastors to faithfully handle the Scriptures and shepherd God's people. We want to approve men who are a good (not perfect) fit and who can help us accomplish our mission.

Do you wholeheartedly recommend this man to go on a trip with TLI?
(Would you want him on your team?):*
Additional comments: